Overseas: Our Home, Nepal

The desire to establish a children’s shelter in Nepal was the initial inspiration for founding this charity. Our Home is the result of our partnership with HELP NEPAL Network, built in Dhulikhel on land donated by the local community.

The orphaned and disadvantaged girls we support have come from a number of Districts including Kavre, Chitwan, Saptari, Humla, Bajura, Sindhuli, Ramechhap and Jhapa. The first 8 girls arrived in August 2014 and 2 more joined them soon after. We are now looking after 20 girls aged between 6 and 15 years, including one disabled girl who receives regular therapy to aid her disability.

The girls are supported by 7 staff members: a Director, a Tutor, a Communication Officer, a Cook, a Caretaker and 2 Security Guards.

Aug 2014 - first batch of children

First day in Our Home, August 2014

The local school is just a short walk away, providing all the girls with good access to an education.

Sept 2014 - First Day At School 01

First day of school, September 2014

Although Our Home opened in August 2014, the official launch took place in November that year and was attended by many guests, including Music4Children founder Oz Bayldon.

Nov 2014 - Official Launch of Our Home in Nepal

Oz Bayldon at the official launch of Our Home, November 2014

 Since moving to Our Home, improvements in the health of the girls were easy to see in just a few months.

Dec 2014 - group photo

December 2014

 The earthquakes in April and May of 2015 caused delays to further progress for Our Home, as HELP NEPAL Network needed to focus on more urgent matters. Despite some superficial damage, we’re happy to report that the building structure withstood the force of the quakes and kept the girls safe. This damage has been repaired and a new store room is being built, thanks to financial support from the Gemini Foundation.

As attention returns from the effects of the earthquake back to Our Home, we continue working to help even more girls to a better future.

Summer 2016

You can donate here to support the girls in Our Home or you can start your own fundraising campaign here.

See updates about Our Home on this Facebook page.

Every penny really does make an immediate impact on their lives.

A film by Emma Plant with Alexander Presland, May 2017

Budget for Our Home in 2017-18

Caring for 20 girls:

  • Nrs 1,059,500 – Staffing
  • Nrs 1,031,125 – Kitchen Expenses
  •    Nrs 650,000 – Insurance Expenses
  •    Nrs 240,000 – Educational Expenses
  •    Nrs 229,000 – Clothing Expenses
  •    Nrs 132,000 – Health & Medicine Expenses
  •    Nrs 105,450 – Consumable Goods
  •    Nrs 102,000 – Utilities
  •      Nrs 92,895 – Miscellaneous Expenses
  •      Nrs 75,400 – Transportation & Fuel
  •      Nrs 72,000 – Training & Counselling
  •      Nrs 50,000 – Extra Activities

 Nrs 3,839,370 (£26,662) – Total

Exchange rate of £1 : Nrs 144 (06/02/18)

May 2017

Previous Expenditure – Running Costs

2016-17: Nrs 2,516,173 (approx £17,785) – 13 girls looked after [Nrs 1,267,233 (£9,112) transferred so far]

2015-16: Nrs 1,854,103 (£12,820) – 10 girls looked after

2014-15: Nrs 1,358,286 (£8,807)   – 10 girls looked after from August 2014

May 2017

Contributions We’ve Made To The Running Costs

February 2017: £5,000 (Nrs 662,121)

March 2015:    £16,500 (Nrs 2,392,561)

March 2014:      £9,239 (Nrs 1,424,940)


Between 2006 and 2013 we were able to contribute £60,020 to the building costs

The shelter

Our Home has also been raising its own funds. As of February 2017, Nrs 331,576 have been generated through the following sources:

  • Donations from people visiting the shelter
  • Sales of garden produce

The garden

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