About Music4Children

Music4Children was formed in 2005 by a small group of musicians, and was originally called the Nepal Balbalika Trust. The motivation for starting the charity was to help children orphaned by the civil war in Nepal. Since then we’ve also started to engage children and young people local to our south London base, and in 2011 our name was changed to reflect this development.

For details of our current projects, please visit these links:

Shelter in Dhulikhel, Nepal

Free creative workshops for children and young people in Streatham, south London


Mission statement

Music4Children is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world through various projects that break the negative cycles of homelessness, poverty, crime and abuse.

Our centres are community-run, ethically managed and as self-sustainable as possible, making use of renewable energy and locally-sourced materials wherever practical. We also aim to teach skills that will help to improve the quality of life for future generations.

We use music to fundraise, educate and heal, and build international networks of talented musicians who support our goals and principles. Our regular events aim to generate a sense of community and good-will, and to create an extended international family for the children involved in our programmes.


Why is Music4Children special?

• 100% of public donated funds go directly to support our projects – the charity is currently run by volunteers and we find other ways of covering our administrative costs.

• Our fundraising is extreme – we go to great heights and lengths to raise money for our cause. In the past we’ve set the record for the world’s highest gig (twice) and the world’s longest gig in order to raise funds.

•  The home of Music4Children has been transformed from a derelict pub to an award-winning live music venue using donated materials, volunteered work and community spirit – this includes a space where we offer free creative workshops for children and other community activities.

• It’s all about the music – we believe that creative education should be available to everyone, and aim to use music to fundraise, educate and heal, and have built international networks of talented and respected musicians who support our goals and principles.


Music4Children is a registered charity

Music4Children is currently run by a group of dedicated volunteers:

– These work tirelessly to help and support the charity – fundraising, giving time and effort, expertise, contributions, and playing masses of great music. Further, many volunteers give time and effort to organising and running community activities under the Music4Children umbrella.

– The Management team; working together to coordinate all aspects of the day-to-day operation of the charity:

  • Strategic Planning; future direction, etc.;
  • General Event Management (regular bookings, special events);
  • Extreme Event Management;
  • Liaison with Associate/Umbrella Organisations (GrooveSchool, etc.) ;
  • PR, Awareness, Marketing (web development, marketing materials, advertising, press, etc.);
  • Grant applications;
  • Finance Management;

– The Board of Trustees: Ensuring that the Charity:

  • Meets its obligations to the Charities Commission;
  • Is properly financially audited and that compliance regulations are followed;
  • Is given sound direction from the Trustees for current and future planning.

You can see our most recent financial history here (search for Music4Children or 1108364).

Music4Children is totally inclusive – so: participants in our activities; volunteers; management team; and trustees are all actively encouraged to contribute to the activities and strategic direction of the work.

The White Lion music venue in Streatham, South London (which has both a public bar and a separate “stables” workshop area), is currently home to Music4Children. It is a fantastic venue for live music and community activities (workshops, group working, etc.). As a thriving business, the White Lion is continuously improving its facilities and services. As a business, the White Lion is separate from Music4Children – although a small number of the Music4Children volunteers are also separately employed by the White Lion.

The White Lion is actively working with Music4Children to address accessibility needs for the community – plus specific needs for various special groups to ensure the facilities are truly inclusive.

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