Frequently Asked Questions

Our workshops mainly take place in London and the South East but we also deliver further afield, with some projects even involving young people living overseas. The option of holding workshops online has given us more flexibility, in terms of who we can work with.
We engage with projects and organisations that support, nurture, and encourage young people to learn and enjoy new skills and experiences. We usually partner with established groups of young people that have some form of disadvantage or additional stress in their lives.
We have mainly been working with groups we meet through personal contact and networking. We are just beginning to expand our horizons and open up the process of linking with other organisations. Visit our Outreach page for more details.

Our staff all have DBS checks and have been trained in their respective areas of delivery. They are also made aware of our safeguarding policies and procedures.

Our current annual target is £100,000, which would enable us to deliver all of our planned projects. However, we always work within the budget available, so a smaller income would just lead to us delivering a reduced programme of activities.
The amount we spend on governance, admin, fundraising, and publicity tends to be somewhere between 2% and 5% of annual expenditure (an average of 3.37% between 2013 and 2022). This can sometimes be slightly higher when we receive funding to address a specific issue in one of these delivery areas.

We fundraise in all kinds of ways. In 2012 we became internationally known for setting the record for the World’s Highest Gig (6,476 metres / 21,246 feet), after climbing Mera Peak in Nepal! (You will find us on page 194 of the Guinness World Records 2016 annual.) Since then we have organised numerous fundraising gigs and events (in Battersea Park and other locations), held collections at tube stations, had contributions from book and record sales, and even held a number of online DJ weekenders (organised by The Techno Festival).

Some of our income is from grant funding but we mostly rely on public support. We are always extremely grateful for anything we receive, as are the young people we work with. If you would like to donate or organise a fundraiser, you will find us on JustGiving – we are happy to assist with fundraising events where we can. We are also on Benevity, in case you work for a company that donates through this platform.

Your donation goes where you decide you want to put it. We have separate designated funding pots for various projects, or you can donate to our general funds and we will allocate them to where they are most needed. At least half of our expenditure each year will be for UK-based projects. We spend 100% of public donations on project delivery, using funds from Gift Aid and grants to cover non-project costs.

Please visit our Volunteering page for full details about this. Opportunities include:
• becoming a trustee
• writing our newsletter
• helping with fundraising events and activities
• sharing your musical skills during some of our projects

If you don’t see what you need here, please feel free to get in touch with us.