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Offering youth-led sessions for children and young people.



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Music4Children aims to support young people who are at risk of social exclusion, facing challenges such as poverty, disability, discrimination, and mental health issues. Our projects are designed to provide a range of services and activities that can help young people to develop their skills, build their confidence and self-esteem, and improve their life chances.

Our outreach includes mentoring, coaching, sports and arts programmes, and community-based initiatives. These programmes often work in partnership with schools, colleges, and community groups to reach out to young people who may not have access to these services otherwise. Among those we have worked with are refugee and traveller groups, young carers, neurodivergent and disability groups, and housing associations

Overall, youth outreach programmes are an important tool for supporting young people, particularly those who are vulnerable and at risk of exclusion, and we at Music4Children love to help them to achieve their full potential.

Music4Children currently works across the UK in areas such as Ipswich, Margate, Streatham and Camden. We can deliver tailored, collaborative projects but have also devised some more structured programmes, including:

WORDS & RHYMES, which helps young people expand their vocabulary and engage in fun writing.

LAWKI, which stands for Life as we know it, is a programme that encourages young people to express themselves through the use of Art and Music, taking on challenging subjects and discussing them. This project is delivered in the UK but has also travelled to Barbados and Mexico.

FUNDAYS where activities can range from double dutch to football to kite making to storytelling and beyond. If it’s safe, engaging and fun we will find a way to support young people and their visions in a safe delivery.

Our programmes incorporate a mix of learning types, with reading and writing, visual, auditory, social, and kinaesthetic being those we use most regularly.”

If you would like more info about partnering with us on a project, please use the contact form below. Please note our funds are limited, so we prefer partners that can match funds where possible. However, we will consider everyone that we can.

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